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My Sweeten Story: A Plywood Kitchen is Loaded With Personality

We experienced massive delays due to the supply chain issues. All our orders for appliances and materials varied in delivery times. It ended up adding about 3-4 months of just wait time before we could start the renovation. Even with the extra time, our backsplash showed up the day before they were scheduled to be installed.

Luckily, our contractor had a warehouse and let us house everything with him at no extra cost. Living in Brooklyn, I have absolutely no idea how we would have managed this without them being able to hold things as they trickled in.

Our Sweeten contractor was a huge help in solving problems on the fly. The retractable vent hood was much more shallow than our extra deep upper cabinets. Our contractor came up with a quick fix by framing around it with leftover cabinet material. The vent was now completely hidden unless it was in use.